Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Wheels, Hammocks and Ralph's Ices

This past weekends weather made me think about three things...Big Wheel's, Hammocks, and Ralph's Ices. There are always things we think about when the weather gets need for a jacket, bring out the short sleeve polo's, put the top down on the car, hit the park, go for brunch somewhere you can sit outside...I mean we all have our "go to" things when the weatherman brings us good news. However, what if you could choose only 3 things. Now, I'm not a fan of "what ifs", especially when coming from the girlfriend or even worse, job interviews, but lets stop, think, and really think. What are your three? Well, mine are Big Wheel's, Hammocks and Ralph's Ices.

When I was a kid, the coolest thing to have was the Big Wheel. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, imagine a tricycle made of hard plastic with fat rear tires and an overly large front tire. They came in all different themes, from Cartoon characters to TV shows (the CHiPs one was the had a handbrake. If you knew how you could do burnouts). Mine was green and black and had this little yellow speaker box with a button which you pressed to make it roar like a lion. There was nothing like opening the garage door, feeling the sun hit you in the face and tearing outta there like you were the fastest thing on three wheels.

When I got a little older I experienced my first hammock. That was it. Forget lounge chairs with all their unfolding and positioning, just hop in and relax. Towels? On the hard ground? Please. I'll take a hammock over those any day. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment and the idea of putting a hammock in is not very practical. So, I've been working my buddy to put one in his backyard for when I visit. I'll keep you posted on the results. When he is ready, or if you are currently looking for one, I suggest Pawley's Island Hammock down in Greenville,NC. They've been making hammocks here in the U.S. since 1889.

Last, but certainly not least is Ralph's Ices. As far as I know almost everyone has had Italian ices. Most of us in New York City have their "ices" from the all famous Marino's. It can be found in either the little yellow cup you eat from with a flat wooden spoon or more frequently from local pizza shops in a paper cup. There are others like Lemon Ice King of Corona or maybe even Rita's, but nothing compares to Ralph's. With more flavors than Baskin Robins, and lines equal to those at opening day at Yankee Stadium, nothing cools you down like a Vanilla Chip ice. In my neighborhood they had a truck, kind of like Mr Softee or Good Humor, instead of that constant bell dinging the Ralph's truck would play local radio stations...much cooler. You could hear that truck coming a mile away. I think it was the only thing that could get me off my Big Wheel (or hammock).

Thanks for listening. Now if this rain can get out of here....

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Anonymous said...

Did you say that a Ralph's Ices Truck came by where you live? Where is that, please? (just interested in the general area, of course)My BF and I are talking about looking into getting ourselves a Ralph's truck. Just beginning to do the research on it.
We are total Ralph's fans!