Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing Something New...

I never thought of myself as a writer. I still don't consider myself one. I like to think of myself as an informer, as a collector, and appreciator. There are plenty of blogs for guys to read and explore, but just a handful that go above and beyond. They excel at what they do and should be proud of the service they provide. I consider myself fortunate to have been accepted by a small group of them.

Even though I may not post very often, I try to post original and fresh topics that I am passionate about. I enjoy the process of constructing and researching for my blog and continue to find interesting things through out the web as well as from my life. That being said, I have created an additional place for me to share those things those things with you. Please allow me to introduce File Under "C".

As the name states, everything will be inspired by things that can be filed by the letter "C". I came to the realization that the things I want, desire, covet, & grew up with all begin with that simple letter. Cars, clothes, comic books, chicks (not P.C. nor extremely accurate, lets just call it poetic license) are just some of the subject matter. With each set of posts I will try and create a story or at least a common thread. When possible I will also give pertinent information regarding each photo.

I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I will. Your comments and feedback are always welcome and appreciated.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did You Remember Your Umbrella?

With the current trend in weather (rain, rain, & more rain) I found myself thinking about umbrellas. They are what drive me most batty when the sun decides to take a break. Carrying one, bobbing and weaving others in the streets, remembering to take mine with me when I get out of a cab or the subway, etc. etc.

Many have tried to design the coolest, smallest, easiest to open or close but none have really figured it out...they are still awkward little things.

However, every once in a while, amongst the little old lady chasing hers down the street in the wind or the "Sex in the City" wannabe on 23rd street trying to keep hers from flying away, there is that one person who makes the use of an umbrella look effortless.

A little something more recent from our friends at Street Etiquette.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Boneville Salt Flats 1953, '54 & As Seen In Top Gear

Going to let the photos speak for themselves & the guys from Top Gear do the talking...

Bonneville Salt Flats:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

1955 - 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Sinatra had one, Bing had one, the "mysterious blonde" in American Graffiti had one, & my father had one when I was a kid. No matter where we went, people would stop, women, young, old...didn't matter.

as found in Edmunds
If Chevrolet hadn't introduced the 1953 Corvette it's likely that Ford never would have felt compelled to develop the Thunderbird in response. But though the T-Bird was a response to it, Ford's two-seater was a distinctly different machine from GM's plastic-bodied sports car.

First of all, the Thunderbird's body, like that of all other Fords, was made of steel. Second, the Thunderbird was available solely with a V8 engine unlike the Corvette which started life with a straight six and only added the V8 as an option for 1955. And third, the Thunderbird wasn't trying very hard to pretend it was a sports car.

The Thunderbird went on sale October 22, 1954, and quickly overwhelmed the Corvette in sales volume. Ford had thought it would sell about 10,000 examples that first year, but found itself unable to keep up with demand and eventually knocked out 16,155 examples during the debut model year (production ran deep into September of '55 when the 1956 model Fords were already in showrooms). That was more than five times the number of Corvettes Chevrolet built that year — and all this despite a price tag that started at $2,695 but could run easily past $3,800 with options.

This video was just too entertaining not to post...some parts may be considered inappropriate today in some my opinion it was just a simpler time. Let me know what you think...