Thursday, June 11, 2009

Did You Remember Your Umbrella?

With the current trend in weather (rain, rain, & more rain) I found myself thinking about umbrellas. They are what drive me most batty when the sun decides to take a break. Carrying one, bobbing and weaving others in the streets, remembering to take mine with me when I get out of a cab or the subway, etc. etc.

Many have tried to design the coolest, smallest, easiest to open or close but none have really figured it out...they are still awkward little things.

However, every once in a while, amongst the little old lady chasing hers down the street in the wind or the "Sex in the City" wannabe on 23rd street trying to keep hers from flying away, there is that one person who makes the use of an umbrella look effortless.

A little something more recent from our friends at Street Etiquette.


JKISSI said...

Nice post on umbrellas with the recent excessive amount of rain in NYC this is so appreciated!

Seek and Report said...

Thanks...kind of have a "love/hate" with this one...would rather NOT write about the rain...