Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frederic Remington

I can still remember the first time I saw it. The Bronco Buster. I was only a kid, but something about that sculpture mesmerized me. My dad had received a copy as a gift and thus began my appreciation for Mr. Remington. Years later I would get out of the elevator at the Ralph Lauren corporate offices on Madison Avenue and there it was, a Frederic Remington statue.

There is no one as influential at capturing the imagery of the Old West other than Frederic Remington.

Born 1861 in Canton, NY, he attended Yale studying Fine Art but did not graduate. He would move west for a short period of time only to return back east to Brooklyn then New Rochelle where he would spend the remainder of his life.

Remington found a career as an artist only after trying his hand a few times as a rancher. His numerous attempts failed and in1886 Harper's Weekly sent him to Arizona to cover the first of many important moments in U.S. history, the U.S. governments war against Geronimo.

1895 would find Remington attempting his first venture in sculpture. The Bronco Buster was born. Tiffany's would sell bronze copies and additional pieces would follow.

His career included forging a life long relationship with a young Teddy Roosevelt, being published in Colliers, Harper's, Cosmopolitan, & the New York Journal, as well as writing numerous novels.
Frederic Remington passed away in December of 1909.

It was extremely difficult to choose which pieces to post, all of them are incredible.

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